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Join Johnny at the Dog Park where we learn how to make a world changing difference in the lives of our friends. All around us God has placed lost people who do not know Him yet. God is challenging you and me to FETCH lost people through our FRIENDSHIP, being a sample EXAMPLE, being TRUSTWORTHY, showing we CARE, and HELPING to scatter seeds. We can impact the world around us. With our classic cast of KIDMO characters General Admission, Sir Reginald Duffus Esquire and the ever so popular Unfaithful Servant, you’ll find yourself on an unforgettable journey to live out God’s word. We’ll dig up all of these delicious nuggets from the book of Luke!

Episode#1: Friendship-How did Jesus act in his friendship toward unbelievers?
Luke 19:10

Episode#2: Example-How did Jesus lead by example?
John 13:35

Episode#3: Trust-How did Jesus build trust with people?
Luke 16:10a

Episode#4: Care-How did Jesus let people know he cared?
Luke 6:30

Episode#5: Help-How did Jesus plant seeds for the harvest?
Luke 8:15

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