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Brace yourself for a cliff-hanging spectacle broadcast from the peaks and crevices of the Yosemite Valley. Join KIDMO adventure seeker Johnny as we climb to new heights of God’s truth. In this series we will discover that the REWARD for EVERYONE who ACCEPTS CHRIST is HEAVEN. By the end of this series your crew will be sharing this gospel acrostic with their friends. Help Forest Ranger Phil solve the mystery of the missing Compass Point with our own action heroes the Danger Squad. Don’t miss the return of Sir Reginald Duffus Esquire for his new round of Bible illustrations in Pine Cone Theatre. So, grab your ropes and let’s REACH for the mountaintop!

Episode #1: Reward-The reward of sin is death, the reward of God is life.
Romans 6:23

Episode #2: Everyone-Everyone is guilty of sin.
Romans 3:23

Episode #3: Accepts-Accepting “Jesus is the son of God,” saves us.
Romans 10:9

Episode #4: Christ-Jesus is the only way to God.
John 14:6

Episode #5: Heaven-Our reward for accepting Jesus is heaven, and it is awesome!
Hebrews 13:5b

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