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Super U

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It’s time to unleash the Super-U inside. In these power packed episodes Johnny Rogers will take you to God’s action hero boot camp to raise up the Superhero you were created to be. We’ll discover how a World Changer Chooses Wisely, Trusts God, Lives Life on Purpose, Hangs Tough and Takes Risks for God. Yes Super Ones, God can use us in Super-Incredible ways! We’ll need to suit up against the enemy and take action against distraction with the help of General Admission and his twin brother Major Idea. You’ll be fully equipped as Super-U delivers the Compass Points specifically designed for heroes in the making. And you’ll hear the debut of Superhero, the powerful worship song from K’MOTION. So man your stations and get ready to make your life count!

Episode #1: World Changers choose wisely. Adam chose poorly and we can learn from his mistake.
James 4:17

Episode #2: World Changers trust God. Noah trusted God in tough times.
Proverbs 3:5, 6

Episode #3: World Changers live life on purpose. Abraham lived his life with purpose.
Hebrews 11:1

Episode #4: World Changers hang tough. Joseph endured difficulty and changed the world.
Romans 8:28

Episode #5: World Changers take risks for God. Moses took risks and changed the world.
Joshua 1:9

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