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All Aboard! Conductor Johnny Rogers takes us back to the time when locomotives ruled the land. These iron dinosaurs teach us that even the strongest among us have times of failure and weakness. In this adventure of the H.P. Powerstack Railroad, we learn the importance of PRAYER and how to pray as Jesus taught us. Join Johnny, Vladmir the Engineer, Powerstack the Train and the sinister H.P. Powerstack to discover how you can change the world through prayer.

Episode #1 Prayer - Jesus teaches us when we can pray. Philippians 4:6

Episode #2 Peace - Jesus teaches us how we can pray. Philippians 4:7b

Episode #3 Patience - Jesus teaches us not to worry. Philippians 4:13

Episode #4 People - Jesus teaches us how to pray for difficult people. Matthew 5:44

Episode #5 Provision - Jesus teaches us to trust his provision. Philippians 4:19

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