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Heaven's Windows - Light 'Em Up (Christmas)

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Our original Christmas series. We recommend using "HW2-Love Shines Thru" your first Christmas with Johnny Rogers and this series your second year. Though they can be done in any order.

Start dreaming of a KIDMO Christmas! Johnny Rogers engages his superior detective skills as Jack Clueless to uncover the power of the Christmas season. And you will never forget the meaning of Jesus' birth as revealed through Heaven's Windows by Hank The Heavenly Host, Shepherd X and Max from the For Heaven's Steak House.

To top it all off, you've got he Christmas music as only K'Motion can bring it. Ring your sleigh bells and get ready for a blast of God's great love.

Episode #1 • Pre-Christmas: God's Gift - Mary gets big news • Luke 1:26-38 

Episode #2 • Pre-Christmas: Jesus Is Born - Jesus gives us a way to be friends with God • Luke 2:1-7

Episode #3 • Christmas: The Shepherds Worship - Angels appear to the shepherds • Luke 2:8-20

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