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Easter In Space (Johnny Stratosphere)

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Zoom-a-zoom with Captain Johnny Stratosphere and his six-pawed co-pilot Fuzzbucket as they explore the universe looking for the meaning of Easter! It’s Easter in Space, and we’ll see how sin separates us from God, and how Jesus made a way for us to be friends with God again. Along the way, watch Johnny dodge asteroids and brave the desert of the forgotten planet Danza in order to rescue Fuzzbucket from the clutches of the nose-numbing Negative Ned. Keep an ear out for space explorer Captain Gigabob and the funky beats of his new ship the Ya-U-Are. Jetpack Julie propels us into hyperspace with her Compass points. Add a strato-strike with Cosmic Memory Max bowling, and you’ve got the most spaced-out Kidmo series this side of the Blobula Nebula! Commence countdown, check ignition and be a part of Easter in Space, God’s Global Rescue!

Episode #1: Sin separates us from God.
John 14:6

Episode #2: Jesus made a way for us to be friends with God again.
Matthew 20:28

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