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Its time to get in shape for game day! BLITZ stands for Bold Living In The Zone! We’ll run down God’s Top Ten plays for life through the ten commandments. Score with Loving God, Loving your neighbor, Honoring your parents, and Loving God’s word. Bold living requires us to not only know God’s way but to live it out by the choices we make. Winning the game requires action and this team’s on the move! Johnny Rogers coaches us through with his most outrageous support team yet. Join Team Kidmo, witness the ever entertaining and enlightening Red Blitzer’s Amateur Cheer Squad, and go long with Mel and Marty as they give colorful commentary on life’s play by play. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, you have a front row seat for the debut of The New Lowensteins and their world changing hit, Rockin’ the Ten Commandments. Hut, hut, hike for Bold Living In The Zone!

Week 1 • God’s Top-10– Do What God Says • Exodus 20, 32

Week 2 • Play With Your Whole Heart - Love God with everything • Matthew 22:36-40

Week 3 • Love Is Action - Love your neighbor as yourself • Mark 12:29-31

Week 4 • Your Coaches – Honor your parents • Ephesians 6:1-3

Week 5 • Defending With God’s Word – Learning God’s word • 2 Timothy 3:15-16

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