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ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, THE RACE IS ON! Johnny Rogers is behind the wheel and he’s going to keep us right on track as we discover that special purpose for our lives in DRIVE! Drive is about learning how to fuel up with Awesome W orship E very D ay. Kids will break out the racing shoes as they learn that Super Servants Serve a Second Mile. We’ll encourage our friends through prayer, caravan behind Jesus as we follow his lead, and don’t forget to bring along a lost friend. We all want to get across the finish line together! Watch out for roadblocks, distractions and speed traps along the way, not to mention our all-star cast featuring Benny and Dr. Hiss, State Trooper Phi l, Hank’s Heap-O-Deals car lot and Vladimir the engineer. DRIVE is all about living life on purpose so bring on the checkered Flag!

Episode #1: Peter starts the church and gets them fueled up and worshipping God.
Acts 2:40-47; Psalm 66:4

Episode #2: Peter’s friends prayed Peter through a difficult time.
Acts 12:5-17; Romans 1:12

Episode #3: Peter leaves everything to follow Jesus.
Psalm 25:4

Episode #4: Jesus demonstrates how to serve others.
Romans 12:11

Episode #5: Fill up the empty seats for the trip with your lost friend.
Romans 10:9

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