Knights of the Rectangle

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A dark season passed over the land of Nincompoop and men's hearts had become selfish. In KNIGHTS OF THE RECTANGLE Sir Lost-his-Lance, Sir Round Sound and Sir Purfluous journey to battle for the hearts of men. Desiring to become Knights of the Rectangle, these clumsy characters brave the Forest of Boo and other difficult challenges trying to reach the King of Hearts.

Clueless as to the true meaning of their journey, they are guided by their simple Squire and challenged by the looming Kwestor. Inspired by stories of David, the Knights learn they must have a willing heart and be ready, able, merciful and humble

Join Sir Reginald Duffus Esquire the 3rd for Not Exactly Theatre plus read Chain Mail with Owlsome and learn Compass Points with Jen the Jester.

Grab your armor and join the journey to see who will be chosen as a KNIGHT OF THE RECTANGLE!

Episode #1: A Heart after God : God chooses David
1 Samuel 16:1-13

Episode #2: A Knight is Ready : David fights Goliath
1 Samuel 17:32-51

Episode #3: A Knight is ABLE : Saul is jealous of David
1 Samuel 18:1-16

Episode #4: A good Knight is Merciful : David shows mercy to Saul
1 Samuel 24:1-15

Episode #5: A good Knight is Humble : David, Nabal and Abigail
1 Samuel 25:4-35

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