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Let's Make a Splash into God's Ever Flowing Love!

What does the power of 638,000 gallons of rushing water every second look and feel like?

In I AM, we'll take you to Niagara Falls, up close and personal, so you can sense it for yourself! And the most incredible thing of all is that we'll learn that even the power of these magnificent falls pales in comparison to the awesome wonder that is out God!

Johnny Rogers and his pal Benny take us on a fantastic vacation adventure only to bumble into some difficult challenges. Through these gaffes and blunders, we will discover that our amazing God is close, in control, faithful, a good Dad, and most of all, He is love.

Joining in the fun are some of KIDMO's own wonders of the world including: Super U, Pat's the Prairie Dog Maurice the Moose and Ulga.

Grab your barrel, a copy of I AM and let's make a splash into God's ever flowing love!

Week 1 • God Is Loving - Moses & the burning bush • Exodus 3-4

Week 2 • God Is A Good Dad - The prodigal son • Luke 15:11-24

Week 3 • God Is Close - Moses & the burning bush • Exodus 3-4

Week 4 • God Is In Control - Moses and the Red Sea • Exodus 14:15-31

Week 5 • God Is Faithful • The Lord waits for us • Isaiah 30:18

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