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Summer Slam 1

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Blast into summer vacation KIDMO style with SUMMER SLAM I! Its DIGGING UP FACTS from the Book of Acts and Johnny Rogers’ partner in truth is his pal Brett Humphrey, also known as Pastor H. Pastor H leads us full speed into an archeological adventure of Biblical proportion. We’ll explore 5 D-Liscious D-lights from the word of God: DISCOVERING who Jesus is, Following God’s DIRECTION, DIGGING into Truth, DISPLAYING Jesus everyday, and Recognizing God’s DESIGN for Your Life. All this and a pool party, too! Grab your metal detector and join Beach Comber Bert and his surfside friends in the quest for treasure. It’s sure to be an explosive experience! So put on your sunscreen and let’s head for the desert!

Week #1• Discover - Discovering who Jesus is • Acts 2:22-41

Week #2 • Direction - Following God’s direction for your life • Acts 12:1-19

Week #3 • Dig - Dig into the truth • Acts 16:25-34

Week #4 • Display - Displaying your faith • Acts 1:1-11

Week #5 • Design – God has a design for your life • Acts 9:1-18

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