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Summer Slam 2

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SUMMER SLAM 2! Surf’s up and with all the fruit around, you’d think it’s time for a LUAU! Johnny Rogers and a whole host of his pals are taking you surfside to squeeze every ounce of wisdom from the Fruit of the Spirit as found in the Book of Galatians . We’re not talking your garden variety fruit here, friends. We’re talking about LOVE, PATIENCE, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS and SELF CONTROL . Sweet! Laugh your lemons off with our old friend Sir Reginald Duffus Esquire and his Not Exactly Pectin Theatre . Farmer Frank takes us to his own produce section for our Compass Points and Sir Bottomly and pal, June Berry , welcome you to “Stuff You’ll Never Need But You’ll Buy Anyway,” infomercial. It’s the juice!

Week #1 • Love – Love grows from God • John 15:1-5

Week #2 • Patience - Choosing to wait • Luke 10:30-37

Week #3 • Goodness – Filling our lives with God’s goodness • Luke 6:6-11

Week #4 • Faithfulness – Finishing well • Luke 13:6-9

Week #5 • Self-Control - Choosing God’s will • 1 Samuel 17

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