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Fun, Flashbulbs and Photo-zoids! The biggest photo contest of the year is here and Johnny needs your help to find the coolest thing on earth to capture! In Episode One we'll ask does God Exist? Come race along with the Kwestor and Dusty Digs-a-Lot to learn how we can zoom in and discover God for ourselves. In Episode 2, we will rock out with the wild German Professor Van Hallen as he zooms us into the details on what God is like! Sneak into Gelato's secret repair shop as we zoom into the facts on how God acts! Get ready for Dr. Sporkin Beans to use his gigantic "megaphoto to the heavens" as we discover how we can talk to God. Stay tuned for our grand photo finale in Episode 5 that'll surely make you say "Wow" as we learn to worship God. Grab your cameras, telescopes and magnifying glasses as we zoom into the awesome wonder that is the one and only God! Calling all kids, the contest is on! It is time for you to get AWED by God!

Episode #1: Does God Exist? : Creation
Genesis 1:1-28

Episode #2: What are the attributes of God? : Gideon goes to battle
Judges 6-8

Episode #3: What is the character of God? : The prodigal son
Luke 15:11-24

Episode #4: What is prayer? : Jesus teaches to seek God
Matthew 6:25-34

Episode #5: What is worship? : Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
Daniel 3:1-30

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