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Going deeper into God's word that is! Get ready to SOAR in this exciting, adventure in the skies as JOHNNY "ROCKET" ROGERS leads the KIDMO AIR FORCE in the biggest rescue mission in aviation history!

In Episode One, Air Traffic Controller TARMAC is at your side, guiding you far into space to learn that God is bigger than the galaxies, and His love for you is even bigger! In Episode Two, PATS THE PRAIRIE DOG leads the rescue squadron as we learn why God sent Jesus to save us! The action heats up in Episode Three with SIR REGINALD DUFFUS III taking the spotlight to show us how we can be a light to others! In Episode Four, the hilarious, peanut tossing Flight Attendant, BELINDA BUH-BYE, serves up an unforgettable lesson on how to know the difference between good and evil! Will AVA AIRHEART be rescued by Episode Five? Can Johnny show us how the Bible teaches us to make right choices quickly before his plane is drawn into the mysterious Bermuda Trapezoid forever?

All Engines go! You are cleared for take off! Get ready to climb into the clouds as we learn to see the world from God's point of view.


Episode 1 • How & Why Was The World Created? - Creation proclaims the glory of God. • Psalms 19:1-2

Episode 2 • What Is The Nature & Purpose Of Humanity? - Jesus comes to earth. - John 14:9

Episode 3 • Why Did God Create Me? - We are the light of the world. • Matthew 5:14-16

Episode 4 • What Is Good & Evil? - Jesus is our example. • 1 Peter 3:8-22

Episode 5 • How Do I Make Right Choices? - Jesus is tempted in the wilderness. • Matthew 4:1-4

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