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“All Bubbleheads on deck!” This submarine is out of control and diving DEEP in a hilarious undersea voyage!

In Episode One, the Sub Standard crew learns to trust their maps to avoid the perils of a giant Manatee. Captain Johnny reminds us that to discover truth, we need to test everything against what the Bible says.

In Episode Two, Subrina Sub-side urges us to walk with God in prayer. Meanwhile, the sailors are hot on the trail of the mysterious Electric Boogalooga Whale!

It’s a wild mutiny in Episode Three as Salty the Sea Dog tries to swipe command from Captain Johnny and we learn that a spiritual authority exists.

On a very special Episode Four, the crew deals with the loss of a beloved pet and learns that God goes with us everywhere, even during sad times.

The engines accelerate in our grand finale, Episode Five! The sub’s propulsion goes out and the crew must figure out a way to escape a watery doom as we learn how to plug into the power of God’s word, the Bible.

Sailors and scallywags, prepare to submerge in the Word in the wackiest Johnny Rogers adventure ever!

Episode #1 What is Truth? - I Kings 13:1-21

Episode #2 How can I experience God? - Genesis 32:4-33:4

Episode #3 What spiritual authority exists? - Luke 19:28-40

Episode #4 What happens after we die on earth? - John 11:17-45

Episode #5 What does the Bible mean to me? - 2 Kings 21:19-23:3

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