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I Can Be Brave

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In I CAN BE BRAVE, our host Kai and his animated pal Lil’ K discover where true bravery comes from. You’ll meet some of the Bible’s Bravest: Joseph, Elijah, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednigo and the bravest of all, Jesus. Preschoolers need not be afraid, as they will learn I CAN BE BRAVE BECAUSE GOD IS WITH ME. Our wise and always entertaining friend, Professor Sock, will help us connect what we learn with how we live. Round it off with brand new engaging preschool worship that’ll certainly put a smile on every child’s face. Just to make sure we don’t forget, KNOCK-KNOCK reviews our key concept for the day. Because God is with us, It’s time to BE BRAVE!

SERIES REMEMBER VERSE: Joshua 1:9 Be strong and Brave because God is with me

EPISODE 1 JOSEPH.-Be BRAVE when we are alone or in the dark.

EPISODE 2 ELIJAH-Be BRAVE to stand up to do right, even when no one else does.

EPISODE 3 DANIEL -Be BRAVE when in a places that makes us afraid.

EPISODE 4 SHADRACH, MESHACH & ABEDNIGO -Be BRAVE to follow God no matter what.

EPISODE 5 -Be BRAVE even when people are unkind.

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