I Can Be A Friend

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Being friends and making friends--there's really nothing better in life than that. Jesus is the best friend of all! In I CAN BE A FRIEND, Kai and Lil'K show us just how awesome it is to be friends. We'll see how King David, the Good Samaritan, Job and Peter all had special friends. We'll even learn a special "friend" song during SONG TIME. And of course, we will spend time with our friends PROFESSOR SOCK. We'll also learn from DISCOVERY MAP, BIBLE ADVENTURE, REMEMBER VERSE and our new KNOCK KNOCK jokes. So bring a friend to Lil'K and join the fun with I CAN BE A FRIEND!

Episode #1 - I can be a loyal friend - Jonathan and David : 1 Samuel 18-20

Episode #2 - I can help my friends - The good Samaritan : Luke 10:30-37

Episode #3 - I can be a kind friend - Job's Friends...NOT! : Job

Episode #4 - I can pray for my friends - Peter's friends pray for him : Acts 12

Episode #5 - I can be a friend like Jesus - Jesus heals the blind men : Matthew 20:29-34

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