I Can Welcome Jesus (Easter)

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I can Welcome Jesus, just like a friend!

In Lil'K's Easter series, I CAN WELCOME JESUS, Lil'k and Kai learn how to welcome Jesus just like a friend. Hear how Jesus traveled to Jerusalem being welcomed and celebrated by people waving palm branches. Jesus had a special job that no one else could do and that changed the world forever. Celebrate Easter withthe good news that Jesus is alivbe again!

Sing during SONGTIME. Visit the Socksatron where PROFESSOR SOCK teaches us about or DOODAD. Watch the BIBLE ADVENTURE and learn a new REMEMBER VERSE along with Kai and Lil'K. Roll out the doormat, invite a few friends and learn how I CAN WELCOME JESUS!

Episode #1 - I can welcome Jesus - Jesus enters Jerusalem
Matthew 21:7-11, John 12:12-15

Episode #2 - Jesus shows his love - Jesus dies on the cross and then rises from the dead
Matthew 27:45-28:8

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