Bible Superheroes

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Up, Up and away!

In BIBLE SUPER HEROES, we discover the qualities that Superheroes are made of! Our heroic exploration features Jehoshaphat, as he witnesses GOD'S SUPER POWER, Moses, the great SUPER DOER before Pharaoh, Gideon who was SUPER BRAVE, and Esther the SUPER BOLD Queen. There's even a talking donkey who had SUPER EYES. GOD'S SUPER POWER transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary! No spandex required--it's time to be SUPER!

Episode #1: GOD has SUPER POWER : Jehoshaphat asks God for help

2 Chronicles 20

Episode #2: Esther is SUPER BOLD : Queen Esther goes before the King and saves her people

Esther 4,5, and 6

Episode #3: Moses is a SUPER DOER : Moses obeys and goes before Pharaoh

Exodus 4

Episode 4: A Donkey gets SUPER EYES : Balaam's donkey steers him away from trouble

Numbers 22

Episode #5: Gideon is SUPER BRAVE : God goes before Gideon and wins the battle

Judges 6

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