God's Kid

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Jesus grew, and you are growing too!

In God's Kid, Lil' K and Kai discover that Jesus was an amazing kid! He traveled with his family to Jerusalem and he listened, learned and obeyed. Jesus even taught the temple teachers about God! Jesus was loved by everyone who knew him, and his example can teach us how to live!

Sing along to "Just Like Jesus" during Songtime, and learn about Jesus' visit to the temple during our Bible Adventure. Look out for the doodads, as they help us discover just how Jesus grew.

Professor Sock has grown too! His new invention, the "Bigantallorator" has made him super-sized and super-wise!

Join Lil' K and all his friends as you learn all about God's Kid.

Week 1 • Jesus Is God’s Kid - Jesus visits the temple. • Luke 2:41-52 & 6:8-17

Week 2 • Jesus Obeys – Jesus obeys His mom & dad. • Luke 2:41-52

Week 3 • Jesus Listens – Jesus listens to the temple teachers • Luke 2:41-52

Week 4 • Jesus Goes To Church – Jesus stays in the temple for 3 days • Luke 2:41-52

Week 5 • Jesus Grows – The transfiguration • Matthew 17:1-9

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