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In BIG, kids learn that even though they are small, they can do big things with God’s help! In fact, they can do all things through Christ, because He gives them strength!"

Theme - Even though I am small, I can do big things with God’s help.

Application - I will look for ways that I can love, listen, help, thank and share BIG!

Remember Verse - Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ because He give me strength.”


Episode 1 - Loving Big: The Prodigal Son. Even though the son made a mistake, his father still loved him. That’s big love!. • Luke 15:11-24

Episode 2 - Listening Big: Mary & Martha. Mary stopped what she was doing and listened to Jesus teach. That’s big listening! • Luke 10:38-42

Episode 3 - Helping Big: The Good Samaritan. The kind stranger helped the hurting man when no one else would help. That’s big helping! • Luke 10:30-37

Episode 4 - Thanking Big: The Ten Lepers. Jesus healed ten men, but only one thanked Him. That’s thanking big! • Luke 17:11-19

Episode 5 - Sharing Big: The Night Neighbor. The man shared bread with his neighbor after he asked three times. Big sharing means sharing before anyone asks! • Luke 11:5-8


Join Kai, Lil'K and their new friend Barry Big as they learn that they can do big things with God's help!

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