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We SHOUT hooray when we are happy, or when something nice happens, or when something is so exciting we can't keep quiet about it! When we shout "Hooray" to God, it's called praise! So, clap your hands all you people; shout to God with joy!

Theme - When we shout "hooray" to God, it's called praise!

Application - I will praise God because He cares for me, hears me, leads me, provides for me, and rules over me.

Remember Verse - Psalm 47:1 "Clap your hands all you people, shout to God with joy!"

Episode 1 - God Cares: A Baby in a Basket. God protected baby Moses. Pharaoh's daughter found the baby in a basket and she took care of him. God Cares! Hooray! • Exodus 2:1-10

Episode 2 - God Hears: Let My People Go. God heard His people's cries. He sent plagues on Egypt until Pharaoh let them go. They were happy to be free. God Hears! Hooray! • Exodus 7-11

Episode 3 - God Leads: God Parts the Red Sea. God is a good leader. He led His people across the Red Sea on dry land to protect them from Pharaoh's army. God leads! Hooray! • Exodus 14:21-29

Episode 4 - God Gives: Manna in the Desert. When God's people were in the desert, He gave them manna to eat every day so they wouldn't be hungry. God Gives! Hooray! • Exodus 15:22-25, 16:13-18

Episode 5 - God Rules: The Promised Land. God is stronger than any army and more powerful than any king. He is stronger than rivers and seas and deserts. He will accomplish His plan for you because He is large and in charge. God Rules! Hooray! • Joshua 4:19-24

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