Preschool Worship • DVD & MPEG

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Preschool Worship DVD & MPEG

Preschool Worship delivers fun & energetic music produced in styles that preschoolers will love. The videos work great for worship time or as a background during other activities. It’s worship that’s fun and infectious!

These are the same exciting, high energy music videos that appear in the Lil'K media-driven resources. There are 14 music videos plus 3 bonus Christmas music videos.

Each Preschool Worship comes with a standard DVD plus a DVD-Rom with MPEG MP4 & MOV Video files and lyric files.

View clips right here with the button on the left and make sure to check out the Savings for Bulk Orders!


1) Get Ready Go

2) Big

3) Follow

4) God Is Everywhere

5) Picture Purpose

6) Just Like Jesus

7) Brave

8) Sharing

9) Talk

10) Love

11) Hello Song

12) Look What God Made

13) Everybody Needs A Friend

14) Lil'K and Me

Bonus Christmas Songs

15) Wow

16) I Love Christmas

17) Twelve Meals of Christmas

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