KIDMO Support

At KIDMO we are committed to support at every level. It is our firm desire to serve our partners in every way possible.

As your partner, it is especially important to us that you feel confident in the execution of your Children's Ministry program. We strive to be attentive and timely to your support needs. We are constantly adding support staff to accommodate the incredible growth that we have undergone in these first two years.

We take very seriously your letters, e-mails and phone calls sharing your success tips and suggestions on how we can serve you better. We also value your ideas to further improve the effectiveness and impact of KIDMO.

On this website you will find extensive information on our philosophy and overviews of the programs offered. You will also find a full array of documents for free download in our Download Center. Please visit this area and our What's New section frequently to find the latest information and helpful tools and tips to make your children's ministry more effective.

We believe firmly in the power of prayer. Our leadership and prayer partners are committed to support you through prayer as well. We pray for each of our ministry partners and their kids each week.

Please select any one of the ways below that we might support you further:

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